Noble Choices

Noble Choices Lobo BannerNoble Choices is a nonprofit organization that helps people see all of their choices and empowers them to choose the highest quality of life.

Noble Choices believes that people make good choices when they have good information.

  • We help people see all of their choices.
  • We help people evaluate the outcome of each choice on their own goals and dreams.
  • We help people minimize or eliminate bad consequences.

Noble Choices believes in the freedom of choice.

  • We do not tell people what to do.
  • We believe it is best when people get to make their own choices.
  • We strive to help the hopeless see choices they did not realize they had.
  • We come along side people and partner with them to live out their choices.

Noble Choices’ Truth About Sex programs for schools and churches specializes in programs on sexual abstinence, pornography, social media, and cultural discernment.

If you’re interested in hosting one of our Truth About Sex programs, we invite you fill out our scheduling form. Once you’ve submitted your request, we will contact you to build an event that meets the individual needs of your organization.

Life coaching focuses on rescuing marriages and/or pornography struggles.

 Recovery is maintaining the freedom from previous struggles.

Our weekly email newsletter, Eric Note, explores a variety of topics, current research, and ideas to equip adults and parents to make Noble Choices themselves or teach young people. Explore the newsletter archives for more information on issues you may be facing now.

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